Limehouse Library Hotel

638 Commercial Road London, UK E14 7HS

UK +44 20 4553 1000

We have implemented a variety of new protocols and elevated practices, keeping with our high standards of cleanliness and luxury service.


A Brief History

Limehouse Library has been awakened from an eighteen-year slumber to take an active role in London’s cultural scene once more.
Construction of the library began in 1881, and it was operational from 1901, thanks to the support of the journalist and philanthropist John Passmore Edwards. It was closed in 2003, after more than a century of service. Now it is on the verge of reopening its doors, as a multifunctional venue hosting a boutique hotel, a library and a school of the culinary arts.

A new idea: the Limehouse Library Hotel

The restoration of this historic building, whose long-term tenure was obtained by the Hazev Group in 2014, has recently been completed. Its second century will see its reinvention as the Limehouse Library Hotel, opening in 2022, and still home to a library’s worth of engrossing tales.
Each of the hotel’s 75 rooms has been named after a notable figure from history, and is completely unique. These famous personalities from the worlds of politics and the arts, of literature, science and philosophy, are waiting to captivate you with their stories. They have inspired every detail, from bed to bathroom to custom-made furniture and fittings.
Ingeniously designed, conveying a remarkable life without compromising on style, comfort or quality, each room is a magical portal: into the inner world of an extraordinary life well-lived.

More than just a hotel

The Limehouse Library has been reborn as a luxury hotel, but one that pays homage to its history. Its past life has not been forgotten and a new library containing masterworks written by the writers, politicians, scientists and philosophers who have inspired its 75 rooms, will open at the same time as the hotel. Elsewhere on our shelves will be an exceptional collection of books about gastronomy, history, music and much more, making the hotel a new cultural centre, where guests are encouraged to linger awhile.

World Cuisines

A unique opportunity to learn about flavour in all its guises also arrives with the Limehouse Library Hotel, which has partnered with Docklands Academy London to offer an internationally recognised Culinary Arts Programme.
We look forward to hosting talented students keen to immerse themselves in a rich culture of cuisine and the authentic tastes of Anatolia, through our superlative on-site facilities.